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Latest mobile weighing system now live at Corus. A major expansion of this new system is planned in the next year to double the throughput capacity want more details...

A complex integrated IT system designed and built for Avesta (Sheffield) that manages Stock and includes weighing of Raw Material want more details...

A bespoke test rig for long-term soak-testing of Gas Detectors. his was designed and built for City Technology (Portsmouth) to test the MicroPel tm range of sensors want more details...

Trailer Loading
Trailer Loading
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Load Cell
Load Cell

A complex integrated IT system designed and built for Multiserv (  and currently being used at Outokumpu (Sheffield) that manages Stock and includes weighing of Raw Material to predefined parameters involved in the production of high quality stainless steel. The project spanned some eight months from order to installation.

With the exception of a host PC which is office-based, all the IT equipment is fully mobile and mounted to heavy plant operating outside in a very hostile environment covering about 4 square Km.

The mobile plant includes intelligent terminals in the vehicle cabs as well as a weight measurement system on six, 150 Tonne trailers. All the equipment in this application is linked on a local network using Radio Modems for the interchange of data.

Trailers with a capacity of 150 Tonnes move massive, forged steel baskets around the site to collect material. Each trailer includes a weighing system with load cells that transmits its load to the central PC when requested. This load information is then transmitted in turn to the crane involved in loading that particular trailer.

Tugs tow the trailers around the site. Each cab has a Touch Screen Display terminal that issues instructions to the driver from the host and relays completion of that task when the driver presses the screen to acknowledge.

Cranes load material into the basket and the crane driver can see the actual load presented on the display in his cab. This load information (like all other data) is transmitted using the radio modem network. When the crane driver has finished loading that particular material, his final action of pressing the appropriate Icon on the screen will complete the task and increment the system to the next phase.

Front Loaders are used for loading Lime and Nickel to the basket.

The Host System runs a bespoke Windows application based on Microsoft Excel that forms the user interface. A substantial amount of additional programming is required to handle the inter-communication between all the vehicles.

On-site radio data-communications using Satel equipment (

This system was installed in 1997 and has been running successfully since. We have completed two other, similar installation including Sheffield Forgemasters

Load Cells from Procter & Chester

Computerised Weighing System
Computerised Weighing System


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